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"Come and enjoy a day with the pigs - you too might fall in love"



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Kids are welcome!

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PIG KEEPING COURSES in the Lake District 2017

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The aim of the course is quite simple:- to give people confidence in handling pigs and to educate them in successful ways of keeping pigs. It is suitable for complete novices or those wishing to expand their knowledge.

Experienced pig keepers John Sutcliffe and Carole Barr have pooled their 35 years of pig keeping experience to offer comprehensive pig keeping courses.
John is one of the country's leading Saddleback pig breeders who also currently runs a small herd of Hampshire pigs. Carole keeps British Lops, the rarest of traditional breed pigs, together with her Hampshire pigs.
This is an ideal opportunity to learn from two pig keeping enthusiasts who have successfully bred pedigree pigs for the showfield and the butcher.


The main topics that will comprehensively be covered are:

1  Safety and bio security
2  Types and ages of pigs
3  Selecting pigs for your needs and what your pig will need when you get it home
4  Handling and transporting
5  Feeding and feed regimes
6  Health and sickness in pigs
7  Rules and regulations
8  A market for your pigs
9  Indoor and out door pig keeping
10 Questions and answers

The course will be very practical with the majority of time spent on the farm. Outdoor clothing is a must, wellington boots essential and overalls a strong suggestion. Please bring a change of
clothing as you may not wish to travel home smelling like a pig!

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People of all ages are welcome and especially children who are really interested, if accompanied by their parents (minimum age for children is six).



The cost of the days course is £95 which includes a welcoming brew on arrival. The one day courses are on Saturdays, meeting at 9.30 am starting at 10 am with a break for lunch and concluding at about 4.30 pm. We will meet initially at Lowick Community Hall, Lowick Bridge only quarter of a mile from Bridge Field Farm. This venue offers full facilities and coffee and soft drinks on arrival.


One-day courses 2017:

Saturday 25th February
Saturday 25th March
Saturday 22nd April
Saturday 24th of June
Saturday 29th July
Saturday 23 September
Saturday 14th of October
Saturday 18th of November

Special Butchery courses

Butchery/rearing for the table -1 day
Butchery Course 15th October 2017

Private days instruction available on request £298.00 (maximum 2 people)

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