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Spring 2017 - Saddleback pigs for sale


3x sows, run with pedigree boar, Rosettes
4x July 2016 gilts. clear of the boar, Rose and Rosettes
3x Jan 2016 gilts run with the boar, Rose and Rosettes

1x July 2016 boar, ready to work, Prefect
1x March 2016 boar has worked, Golden Arrow
1x July 2015 boar has worked, Prefect
1x July 2014 stock boar, Prefect

All the above have been shown at county shows in 2016 and won many classes and qualified for Pig of the Year, Junior pig of the year and Saddleback breeding female championship. These are exceptional pigs which would not usually be offered for sale but are available due to the imminent sale of my farm buildings.

2017 born from the above.

Registered boars and gilts which will win classes at county shows x10

Missmarked pigs for fattening x30


2x sows Anna and Precious
4x September 2016 gilts,Anna
3x September 2016 boars Golden Eagle
2x July 2016 boars Southern Style

All above are very good types and of show quality

For more information call John on 07887 731552

September 2016: 2016 Show Season - it's over!

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Here we are in September and the show season is finished for the Coal Yeat Herd of pedigree Saddleback pigs. The July 2015 born gilts are all sold and collected by their new owners, two going direct from Westmorland County Show yesterday. The January born show gilts are now queuing up for the attention of the boar, ready to be served and produce their first litters in January 2017.

These three gilts Rose, Rosette and Grand Duchess, all by my Prefect stock boar, have remained unbeaten this summer with one exception. Coal Yeat Rosette, sold to the Mulkeen's in the spring, pipped us to first place at Anglesey County Show. But a great unbeaten summer for these young Coal Yeat gilts (available for sale as run with the boar).

The last show Westmorland County Show saw my return to the ring after a two year absence. But it rained most of the day in total disregard to the BBC long term weather forecast, resulting in fields of mud... the sticky, slushy sort that covers your clothes very quickly!

The black and white pigs seemed out of favour with the judge who had eyes only for the golden Tamworth champion pig and the reserve Duroc pig.

But what a great day for the young handlers. Peggy 7, Dorris 6 and Joe 10 all did a brilliant job showing the January gilts, both Saddleback and Hampshire pigs, in the breed classes as well as the Young Handlers class.

How this year's summer shows have passed by so very quickly after a late start with Stafford show in early June to Westmorland County in early September. Just over 3 months of concentrated showing.

Plans are already made for next year with the first selection of Saddleback. Four gilts and one boar are in their own pen. Mating for the January 2017 litters is underway and the sole Hampshire sow has dropped a September litter of 13 live piglets.

The beauty of showing pigs is that they alter so much from one show to another. Some improve, others disappear to farrow, while others may "go over the top". And then there is always the Judge who has a different view or preference to the last judge. It's all so much fun!

June 2016: Royal Cheshire Show

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Our success in winning the supreme champion pig with Coal Yeat Peterbilt, our senior stock Hampshire boar was partly due to having two vet students on a placement to prepare and help show the 20 pigs taken to the show.

"As a vet student, although we've been taught about pigs I definitely feel I've learned more in the past two weeks with John than two years at university! Preparing the pigs for the show involved a lot of washing, hard work and pig training (although I think the pigs trained me as well) but seeing the final result on show day was worth it. It was also rewarding to see the progression with the young Hampshire pigs born at the end of February from unruly hooligans that you couldn't get within a few feet of to winning a third place rosette at the Royal Cheshire Show! It made all the days of endless preparation, talking to the pigs and training worth it and being able to show them myself was scary but ultimately proud of what they and us had achieved. From previously being an outsider to this world, the past two weeks have truly been an eye opener to the time and dedication put in by all to achieving such high standards and I have a new found respect for all those involved. I can't thank John, his family and the pigs enough for teaching me so much!" Jess 

The Coal Yeat Saddlebacks did really well taking the reserve breed champion with our January Gilt Coal Yeat Rosette, and several qualifiers for Pig of the Year and Young Pig of the Year. The pair of July Saddleback gilts almost won the interbreed pairs, coming a very close second to a perfectly matched pair of Large White pigs.

In the young handlers classes, Stanley (aged 3) was again a star, winning his class along with Peggy and Doris, my other grandchildren, on their first foray into the show ring with Saddlebacks, who came away with first and second. Not to be outdone, Imogen, an old hand in the show ring, showing the Saddleback sow Coat Yeat Rosette was eventually awarded the Champion Young Handler trophy! Thanks once again to Mr and Mrs Mulkeen for their generous sponsorship at the Royal Cheshire Show. We couldn't have got all the twenty pigs to the show without the help of Carole and Mark driving some of the pigs to the show and helping with the exhibiting.

We returned home via the traffic jam leaving the show field, elated but exhausted! We now look forward to the next show - the Great Yorkshire Show from the 12th-14th July.

Great Show Saddlebacks for 2016 ..... Saddleback pigs for sale

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I have never had such good weaners from the January born piglets. The change of sow food to higher protein level [17%] has enabled the sows to milk off their backs, to produce a very even batch of very well established and well grown Saddleback piglets. I have thrown a few new items into the equation, like a very expensive pre-farrowing mineral, probiotics and pre-weaning worming for the sows. Also as we have an acute iodine deficiency I pour some iodine on the sows' backs in the month pre farrowing. Since doing this simple ting the piglets at birth have so much get-up-and-go with no still births.

There remains today only one sow with a litter at foot ready to be weaned in a couple of weeks, making 40 Saddleback piglets to choose our future breeding stock from. I have never had such a choice with all the piglets tagged and the best ones ear notched to breed standards.

Unfortunately the Hampshire gilt only farrowed at the end of February, but is doing her piglets well. But what a dirty pig she is as I have to clean out her bed daily as she is too lazy to get up to shit and soils her bed.

The three selected Saddleback July gilts are outside fittening up and looking very well. I have great hopes for them in the show ring as they are really good types all the Rosette female line. They are already getting in some training and used to people as I bring them in for the pigkeeping courses for the pigkeepers to handle ( These gilts are for sale and can be ordered run with my prefect boar.

Meanwhile up at 500 ft at Coal Yeat Farm, six saddleback July 2015 gilts have been running with my champion Hampshire boar Coal Yeat Peterbilt for 4 weeks, but are now running with the Saddleback Prefect boar. These are for sale now.

Saddleback Pigs for Sale......... March 2016

July 2015 pedigree Saddleback gilts....... exceptional show quality
January 2016 pedigree Saddleback gilts and boars......for fattening or future breeding
July 2015 Saddleback boars Golden Arrow
Young Saddleback Sows run with the Prefect Boar
Working Prefect and Golden Arrow pedigree boars.... 18 months old

For further details of these pigs for sale please call John on 07887 731552 or email

January 2016: Welcome to 2016 ... 30 New Saddleback Piglets

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Well, I planned ahead and put the sows to the new Prefect boar 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days ago and have been rewarded with two litters in early January. Thirty live piglets from two pedigree Saddleback sows, but alas I'm down to 26 now. The new Prefect boar certainly has plenty of "lead in his pencil" as litter size is often determined by the fecundity of the boar. He must have enjoyed his freedom in the Lake District running with several sows in paddocks by the River Crake, after the rigours of the Gt. Yorkshire Show.

The best of these piglets are to be selected for future pedigree pigs and will first be litter registered with the BPA. Then after further selection they will be individually registered as pedigree Saddleback pigs. These will provide future breeding stock and the very best will be shown at the County Shows over England. The rest the missmarks, as Saddleback breed criteria is very strict, will go for fattening. We have to "eat them to keep them" as the majority of a litter may not meet my very exacting selection process.

Probably British rare breed pigs for fattening will again be in short supply this spring so its important to select healthy stock from pedigree breeders like myself. Best indeed, to reserve your requirements in the next few weeks in order not to be disappointed. So drop me an email or give me a call today before you forget!
The grandchildren have all been to see the new piglets, with Stanley my 2 year old grandson, showing lots of interest in the new arrivals. Saddleback sows are very good mothers, great milkers and seem to enjoy the attention that a new litter of piglets brings. Care must be taken as a sow's maternal instincts can understandably be unpredictable, especially if not approached correctly.

Carole and I have a full year of pigkeeping courses planned for 2016, so please check out our web site for full details. Please note the butchery course in October which is proving very popular every year.

I'm looking forward to my next Saddleback Sow farrowing - Coal Yeat Rosette who qualified for the Pig of the Year final in 2015. She is still outside keeping Prefect company, but will need to move into her farrowing area next week, as I farrow all the Saddlebacks inside in winter. Fortunately the wettest December on record has only left us very wet and muddy, as we have avoided the Cumbrian Floods.

August 2015: British Saddleback Club AGM 2015

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Almost 20 members headed North to Portpatrick for this years AGM hosted by Clash Farm Saddleback pigs, Caron and Robert Stuart. What a great weekend we all had, good weather, excellent Saddleback pigs, super food, the curling experience, the AGM, and a chance to meet up with fellow club members from all over the UK.

It was worth the travelling just to watch Mr John Wreaks, walking sedately up the curling ice with his stone on the end of the stick, eventually seeing the stone win a game! Fortunately no one, old or young, was injured while curling as everyone managed to stay on their feet. The red team beat the blues by a single point and the two hours of curling gave us a good appetite for dinner.

Its great to meet up with old friends and make new ones in such a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to Caron and Robert for arranging such a memorable weekend.

I have now been seconded onto the Saddleback Breeders club committee and part of a sub committee to get a new web site sorted out to promote the Saddleback breed. We intend to get this new site up and live in the New year.

I have some very nice young gilts and sows which have been running with the prizewinning Prefect Saddleback boar.
Also July born pedigree Saddleback gilts and boars of show/breeding potential.

Plan for the future with several litters of Saddleback pigs due in January 2016.....for collection March 2016

Fattening pigs for sale
Missmarked saddleback pigs 4 months old on 1/11/15......birth notified so can be sold as Saddleback pork

August 2015: Saddleback pig - supreme champion at Anglesey County Show 2015

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The Saddleback July 2014 gilt Muddylane Lucy 23, owned by Mr and Mrs Brian Mulkeen and shown by their granddaughter Emily, was crowned Supreme champion pig of 2015. It was a two pig final with the judge Mr W A Uglow, saying "I'm very happy to have two such excellent pigs in the championship, but this Saddleback gilt is the best Saddleback gilt I have seen for years and I would like to take her home".

The other pig in the final, and therefore, champion modern breed, champion male and reserve overall, was my Hampshire boar Coal Yeat Peterbilt. There were no 'sour grapes' as on the day the Mulkeens gilt looked superb. Brian is a genius in ensuring his pigs are "at 12 o'clock on the day".

What a great friendly show Anglesey Show is, where all the exhibitors are appreciated by the show for their efforts in the pig show ring. We have to travel 200 miles from Lowick which usually takes about 4 hours, but not this year. A gas tanker caught fire on the M56 and closed the motorway with a 1 mile exclusion zone which closed the surrounding roads, diverting planes heading for John Lennon Airport and stopping the trains.

Eight hours after leaving home we unloaded the pigs in the gloom of the pig marquee and headed for our B&B. No dinner that night as everywhere had ceased serving food, so just the bedroom biscuits to tide us over until breakfast.

For the first 5 hours of the journey we managed to average 17 mph!  (I can cycle faster than that  see my web site

Two days of summer sunshine at the show, which is unprecedented as it always rains at least one day of this 2 day show. All the exhibitors mucked in to help each other and the children, Imogen, Harry, Grace,and Emily, did not stop showing pigs until after the final young handlers class which Grace won.

There were individual classes for Saddleback pigs and the Coal Yeat Herd won every class except the July gilt class, culminating in winning the group of 3 with two January Gilts and a January boar. It is quite sad to hang up the show boards as our show season is now over. We have decided to, yet again, give Westmorland County Show a miss after awaiting an apology for the 2013 show fiasco, which is still not forthcoming. Similarly we will not be showing at the Scottish Smallholders show, Lanark.

All the pigs are now turned out, enjoying the early Autumnal wet weather and ripping the sods to shreds.

At home we have 4 Saddleback gilts with July litters and they will shortly be weaned to be served by the new Prefect boar, to produce next years show pigs. The cycle begins again and people on the pig keeping courses will be able to see for themselves all my show-winning pigs and the future champions? []

July 2015: Great Yorkshire Show ..... Supreme Pig Champion..... Coal Yeat Peterbilt

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Wow, for the second year in succession I have managed to be awarded the Supreme Champion pig. This year with my Hampshire boar, Coal Yeat Peterbilt.

This young boar, born in July 2014, firstly won the male Hampshire champion, which was swiftly followed by the overall Hampshire Champion. Then on the second day of the show, he won the overall Champion male pig of all breeds to be followed by the Supreme Champion Pig of the 2015 Great Yorkshire Show.

I went to the show with little hope of following the 2014 show where I was so fortunate to win the overall, Male Championships and Female Champions with my Hampshire pigs. But this year's Hampshire boar is I believe a better pig than both the previous winners.

However, it is the judges on the day who have to make all the correct choices and with over 400 pigs from all round Britain, this is no easy task.

I did not show my boar but had previously booked Tracy Bretherton and Carole Barr to show the boar, as he seems to respond better to ladies' delicate showing techniques! Without the expertise and patience of these two the boar would not have won. A very big thank you to you both for all your help on such a busy 3 days. Cat, a vet student from Glasgow University, should also take some credit as she spent a week with the boar washing and training him while on a pig placement. Her patience and persistence transformed him from a somewhat unruly pig at Stafford County Show to breed champion and Pig of the Year qualifier at Cheshire County Show.

I was on the verge of selling the boar but he now has a Hampshire gilt to serve, and will be used on the Saddleback pigs that are farrowing out of sync for the show classes.

Meanwhile in the Saddleback pig classes, we had unexpected success in the September gilt class: first prize with Coal Yeat Rose, a December 2014 born gilt. In the January boar class a second place with Coal Yeat Prefect, and a third place in the January Gilt class with Coal Yeat Grand Duchess. I believe the Saddleback classes were the best supported at the show, but still fall short of the Saddleback pigs forward 5 years ago.

Imogen, showing the Saddleback gilt Coal Yeat Rose, got a third place in the young handlers class with 14 children in her class. Harry, chasing Coal Yeat Rosette, a January Saddleback gilt, came out of the ring in a sweat and nothing to show for his endeavours in a class of 15 children. All together there were 37 children competing in the Young Handlers Classes which is fantastic.

Now with a day to sort everything out we are all off to the Great Eccleston Show on 18-19th of July....... off I go to wash the pigs again!

June 2015: Stanley shines with Saddleback Pigs at Cheshire County Shows

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That's right, my 2 year old grandson made his pig showing debut at Cheshire County Show  with my Saddleback gilt Coal Yeat Rosette.

What a crowd pleaser he was chasing the gilt around the ring. Dressed correctly with a Saddleback breeders club tie and a white show coat, he was just the ticket and won his under five class. Not to be out-done, he also got the overall reserve to his cousin Imogen.

After a hard couple of days showing the Saddlebacks, Imogen was crowned Champion Young handler, beating off the very strong challenge of Emily Mulkeen-Parker.

Emily had in the previous classes done an excellent job showing her Granddad's sow, Garsfield Rosette, who was awarded the overall Pig Championship. In fact it was a great show for Saddleback pigs as my July gilt Coal Yeat Rosette SJT/195 G won the Pig of the Year traditional gilt class and went on to be crowned overall Pig of the Year winner at Cheshire County Show. The gilt, well in pig, pipped my Hampshire boar Coal Yeat Peterbilt, who was awarded reserve.

It was a great show, with fine weather and a record entry of 127 pigs, of which the Saddlebacks were the most numerous. A big thank you must go to Janice, who puts so much time and effort into making this such a good show, and to the stewards who ensure all runs so smoothly.

March 2015: British Saddleback Gilts ... Pigs for sale Spring 2015

Here we are in Spring 2015 the sun is shining and the Golden Arrow boar has been busy among the Saddleback gilts and sows.

These gilts Rosettes and Grand Duchess female lines are all sired by Watchingwell Rajah, Saddleback Pig of the Year 2013, and best animal at the show at the Scottish Smallholders Show 2014.

All these gilts have run with Victoria Golden Arrow, himself a winner in the show ring, and are fine examples of the British Saddleback breed. They should be due to farrow in July 2015, and I will keep a couple to show at County Shows this Summer.

I also have two Babble gilts which are due to farrow in May 2015 to a Prefect boar (perfect for open farms).

All the females have been outside for most of the winter and are good and hardy.

All the females are registered with the BPA, as are the boars, so should produce litters which can be birth notified with the BPA.

All pedigrees will be transferred to the new owners via the BPA.

I also have two pedigree saddleback sows for sale, run with the Golden Arrow boar, due early July 2015.


Lets not forget the boars...... yes I have a few Saddleback boars unrelated to the above female lines which will go on to produce a breeding family of Saddleback pigs. 

Interested? Although there may seem to be a lot of pigs on offer quality pigs of this calibre are not normally available and are the result of my 25 years of breeding pedigree Saddleback pigs.

Please give me a call on 07887 731 552 or email me if you need more information or to purchase the pigs.

January 2015: Crossgates show sponsors

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For several years Crossgates Bioenergetics have sponsored John with a show board and a supply of emergency treatments for pigs and humans to take to all the shows.

Crossgates' products and services have been pivotal to the show success of the Coal Yeat pig herd. Crossgates offer a comprehensive range of oral sprays to help the showman. These oral sprays are equally good for humans or animals and are essential ingredients to the success of our pigs on the showfield [and to calming the grandchildren!]

But preparation for shows is only secondary to the pigs everyday good heath. The essentials of my good stockmanship rests on the basis that "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE". Hence I use Crossgates for all types of products such as Probiotics, Cider vinegar, Seaweed powder and hair tests. From this pig hair sample Crossgates have produced a healthy pig nozode to add to the drinking water, to help maintain optimum pig health. The success of my pigs over the years is proof that their products and services have a major benefit to my pigs of all ages.

Meanwhile back on the farm, the Saddleback pigs are expanding again with two litters born in January. The pigs at Bridgefield Farm have been reduced to just the two breeds, Hampshire and Saddleback, with all the Hampshire breeding stock sold in December 2104. After winning the champion and reserve overall pig championship at The Great Yorkshire Show in 2014 with two July Hampshire pigs, I thought I would sell while at the top. I got a good average of £500 at Chelford mart, which made the trip South very worth while.

The hardy adult Saddleback pigs are enjoying a wet muddy winter outside where the Rajah boar, champion animal of all varieties and breeds at The Scottish Smallholders Show in 2014, looks after his ever-changing harem of sows. Meanwhile Carole has some Lop growers ready now to fatten on for the freezer. British lops are one of the rarest British rare breed of pig. They are very versatile, friendly and calm pigs with big lop ears which can be used as pork or larger bacon pigs as they tend not to be as fatty as some of the other rare breeds.
To view the entire range of Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd's products and services I do suggest you visit their web site Home - Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd - Natural Health or call them direct on 01756 749 444.

To keep up to speed with my pigkeeping courses where a free Aconite spray has been donated by Crossgates to all course participants go to

October 2014: Saddleback Boar wins Scottish Pig Title

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It's always a pleasure to head north on the M6 as the traffic is light and the scenery spectacular. This was especially true as Imogen and I headed to Lanark on a clear sunny autumnal evening to the Scottish Smallholders Festival and Show.

We lugged a trailer full of Saddleback pigs and a sole British Lop destined for the butchers pig class. This show, hosted by Lanark Auction Mart, is directly opposite the old race course, now an equestrian centre and a hotel, where we stopped for the night.
There was an excellent turnout of Saddleback pigs of all ages and more than a few handfuls of Kunie Kunie pigs, so small that boards had to be put inside the pens to stop these pigs escaping.

In fact there were more Saddlebacks available for Brian Mulkeen to judge than at Westmorland, Cheshire and Anglesey County Shows! Caron Stewart's Saddleback gilt, recently the overall champion pig at Westmorland County Show, was forward and won the January Gilt class, and was reserve overall champion pig to my Saddleback stock boar.

Yes, Watchingwell Rajah came out of the field at Coal Yeat with his harem of 4 sows and gilts to take the overall pig championship, and later in the day the Champion Animal trophy (beating goats, hens, ducks and the champion sheep and the odd Alpaca!)

Amazingly, not handled with a stick and board since Cheshire County Show in June, Imogen took him in the obstacle course and beat off all comers and also took the Young Handlers award.

I think we finished up with 6 trophies (as we won the sausage competition as well), a magnificent end to what has been our most successful show season.

Meanwhile Carole remained at Lowick taking the pig keeping course, which was very well received,

I still have a couple of in pig Saddlebacks available and a young Saddleback boar who has worked.

August 2014: Saddleback Gilt Wins at Anglesey County Show

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I have just returned from a blustery dry Anglesey County Show with the car still to unpack, trailer to clean out, and the pigs to nestle back into their respective pens in the isolation unit. What a friendly relaxing show this is, where we are always made most welcome by the natives of North Wales. Sometimes it feels like we are in a foreign isle as this is a stronghold of the Welsh language. It is most odd showing a Welsh pig and being told by the owners it does not understand English and to speak Welsh to it! I did and all was well!!

Our Saddleback gilt, previously shown with a slight bump on her front knee, is now 100%, and went from winning the Saddleback Champion pig, to being awarded the overall reserve champion pig and Champion Traditional pig. Aptly named Lowpark Grand Duchess 102D, she was bred by Ken and Kevin Mathews over in Yorkshire and purchased as a weaner. Her sister 101D was Saddleback breed champion at Cheshire County Show and is now sold.

Imogen, 11 years old, did a great job showing the Saddleback champion gilt and also won the young handlers class, just pipping her brother Harry, now 13, into second place. Harry walked out a Saddleback sow in this young handlers class. He did a great job of showing the sow and should in my opinion have won, but failed as he did not know, when asked by the judge, when the sow was due to farrow.

We took 9 pigs to the show and the three Hampshire pigs did really well. Our gilt Coal Yeat Judy 144G, champion at the two previous shows, was reserve modern champion and according to all the judges outside the ring should have won the day. But Nick Kiddy, the judge in the ring, thought better and awarded the champion pig top a Welsh July Gilt from the Roberts family.
Once again we had two vet students from Liverpool University Vets school to help with everything. We even got Emma and Tiffany in the ring showing the Saddleback January Gilts. They did a great job washing and oiling the pigs to make them stand out in the ring.

Emma says "What a great introduction to the world of pigs! I had never taken livestock to a show before and did not realise the amount of hard work involved. Everybody at the show was really helpful and encouraging, making it feel like a small community. John is an excellent teacher and I am now a lot more confident around pigs and have been sent home with a well put together information pack to further my learning." 

Tiffany says "The week has been great fun and very rewarding after all our efforts washing pigs (that just love to get dirty!) I now feel confident around pigs and this will help me lots in the future. The experience was hard work but worth it when it all came together in the show ring. John, Harry and Imogen have so much knowledge that they love to share with us and are very passionate about the pigs, Thank You for helping us!"

And finally a big thanks to Jack Bee and his family, fellow Saddleback breeders, who living locally put us up for a couple of nights at their home.

July 2014: Great Yorkshire Show --- PIG CHAMPION --- Hampshire Gilt

Click images to view in lightbox with descriptions.

What a week winning the supreme pig championship at the Gt Yorkshire Show with my Hampshire gilt Coal Yeat Judy, an October 2013 born gilt.

The awards just kept coming!

Overall supreme champion pig---- Coal Yeat Judy
Reserve overall supreme champion pig----- Coal Yeat Golden Eagle
Champion female pig---- Coal Yeat Judy
Champion Male pig ---- Coal Yeat Golden Eagle
and finally Housewives' choice on the last day---- Coal Yeat Judy

Hampshire gilts are not the easiest pigs to show especially in hot weather when their oiled black skin becomes a'' solar panel'', and the pigs rapidly overheat. This is partly due to their very thin layer of back fat which allows the heat to rapidly transfer to their blood.

Harry, my 13 year old grandson who showed the gilt, has been very patient with Judy's moods and groans in the ring, slowly encouraging her to walk on without being too forceful. He could easily have spoiled her at Cheshire county show if he had not shown such sensitivity.

Here at Lowick I have 6 of her sisters all pedigree registered Hampshire gilts, all equally as good as Coal Yeat Judy, several of whom are for sale. Some are already served by my new Hampshire stock boar Hideaway Route.

After returning home late on Thursday night it was off taking out a 60 mile bike tour before the rigours of Gt Eccleston show over the weekend. This would not have been achievable without the help of two vet students from Liverpool University Sarah and Lois who washed the pigs on Friday. Thanks girls!

Yet more success at Gt Eccleston with both the reserve and overall Champion pigs with Coal Yeat Judy again taking the honours, but this time Hideaway Route was reserve champion.
Thanks to Tracy and Ian Bretherton for their hospitality at Gt Eccleston where pig exhibitors are always made to feel most welcome and appreciated, unlike other local county shows.

The next show for the team is Anglesey County show in mid August .I will not be showing at Westmorland County show after being vilified by the stewards at the 2013 show,and failing to receive an apology or even an acknowledgement of my communications from the shows Chief Executive for such brazen behaviour by their pig stewards.

July 2014: Great Yorkshire Show Week

The Great Yorks Show starts on 8 July for 3 days, following on the great excitement of the Tour de France. Will Harrogate ever be the same?

I'm taking a trailer load of Hampshire and Saddleback pigs, but the breed champion Saddleback from Cheshire County show will not be forward as she is now sold. However my Hampshire gilt champion from Cheshire will be going. But alas she is not my best Hampshire who will stay at home as she has an abscess on her hock which, although treated twice by my vet, is still unsightly.

I have had major issues with the pigs reacting to the Ery immunisation. We have had a reaction throughout all the pigs of all ages, with a lameness problem. This occurred on both occasions a few days after administering the injection which is supposed to stop the pigs picking up erysphalis on their show travels. The problem was so bad that I totally missed taking any pigs to Stafford County Show, but we now seem to have got on top of it.

I believe the injection has given the pigs the problem which we are trying to avoid.

Then its off to Great Eccleston Show on 12/13 July with a 60 mile bike tour in between on Friday 11 July []


But I have two vet students here for the week so their help will be invaluable.

If you maker it to either of theses shows please do come and say hello.

See you there

January 2014: Saddleback pigs for sale

Click images to view in lightbox with descriptions.

Here we are in 2014 and still winter has to start to end the rainy season! The dry Saddleback sows are still out ploughing through the Lakeland mud, as even at the top of a hill the ground is very wet.

I have a great selection of pedigree Saddleback pigs available at the moment, which are as follows:

  • Sows run with the boar - Rosette, Mary, Grand Duchess
  • Gilts ready to serve - Rosette
  • Boar ready to work Rajah x Rosette
  • Young gilts to grow on -- Mary, Rosette
  • Young boars to grow on -- Dictator, Rajah
  • Mis-marked growers for fattening
  • Strong store pigs for finishing.

All the above have recently been wormed.

Please call me on 07887731552 or email me for prices and availability.

I also have some Pedigree Hampshire pigs available

  • Sows run with the boar
  • Gilts run with the boar
  • Maiden gilt ready to serve
  • Pedigree growing pigs boars and gilts
  • A limited supply of fattening pigs.

Meanwhile why not check out our 2014 Pigkeeping courses,, which will be running throughout the year? This is a unique opportunity to see how I keep my pigs, none intensively, both inside and outside in the pig paddocks. Both Carole and I will be delighted to pass on our pigkeeping knowledge.