Nancenoy Prefect 5

Coal Yeat Prefect 305G at Ai in Deerpark

Coal Yeat Prefect 305G  great conformation with deep hams



STOCK BOAR FOR 2015/2016

Nancenoy Prefect 5  DME/65C

I purchased this boar from the 2015 Great Yorkshire Show where he was reserve male champion saddleback pig. Born in July 2014 he was a good size to serve all my gilts, and grew on to serve the Saddleback sows.

This boy has been amazing averaging 14 piglets born alive from each mating as well as producing show winning quality gilts and boars.

One of his sons, COAL YEAT PREFECT 305G, born in January 2016, has recently been sold to Deerpark Ai and semen should be available from September 2016 if all goes well.

305Gs dam Garsfield Rosette77 MBZ/345 is from the Saddleback herd of Mr and Mrs Mulkeen and is an excellent prolific quality breeding female line, who regularly produces show winning Saddlebacks.

Prefect New Stock Boar  

Nancenoy Prefect 5.

New Stock Saddleback Boar DME/65C

I have just purchased this July 2014 born boar from the Dunstan family. Second in his class at the Great Yorkshire show, this well grown boar will be put to all the Saddleback females when the July litters are weaned in September.

His dam is the Babble female line which goes back to the one I sold from the Coal Yeat herd to the Dunstans some years ago. The Prefect boar line usually works well in the Coal Yeat Herd...... we shall see in January 2016.

As all the remaining females in the herd are sired by Watchingwell Rajah he has been sold to sire a new generation of breeding females in a pedigree Saddleback herd Nr Wigan.

Watchingwell Rajah  

Watchingwell Rajah

New junior stock boar for 2113/14

This young boar caught my eye at the Great Yorkshire Show and was purchased at the Stoneleigh Country Show and Fair to be collected from Newbury Show in September. He will arrive home in time to serve my four Rosette January 2013 born gilts.

This young boar has already 2 breed championships and overall champion pig trophies to his name, the last one taking the interbreed at the New Forest Show. He has a perfect underline with 4 teats in front of his sheath and terrific hams coupled with an amicable temperament.

He qualified along with his litter sister the Saddleback Champions of Champions final in 2013.

Coal Yeat Grand Duke Grand Duke at Hatfield Show  

Coal Yeat Grand Duke 238D

SJT 238D DOB 24-1-09

Chapel Grande Duke II Dame Chapel Octavia 6

Saddleback pig of the year 2011  
Saddleback Champion of Champions 2011
Overall Champion pig at Cheshire county Show 2011

Grand Duke is now, in 2012, our herd senior stock boar and will be exhibited again at the few county shows which still allow the entry of senior stock boars. I have some sows for sale in pig to him and also some young Grand Duke boars ready to work.

This home bred boar offers new blood lines both on the male and female side. Shown for the first time at Westmorland County Show in 2009, he was first in the junior boar class. At his only outing in 2010 he again won his class at Westmorland County Show, after being in the field serving sows all summer.

He followed on after Maddaford Prefect to cover the sows in 2011.

Heytesbury Prefect 6 (sire) x Maddaford Babble 98


Rainbarrow Stockbroker

New Saddleback Stock Boar 2012

After all the success at the shows last year I was getting some comments from the butchers that some of the killing pigs were getting too fat. This was due to too much Essex Saddleback blood creeping into the Coal Yeat Herd, mainly via the Guardsman boar.

The late Jim Appleton, founder of the Rainbarrow herd, always used to say that the Essex Saddleback is the rich man's pig and the Wessex Saddleback the poor man's pig! Why? Because the Essex always carries more fat and therefore looks nicer - a rounder pig. Jim concentrated on breeding the Wessex Saddleback pigs commercially as excess fat was an issue with this trade.

John Appleton has carried on the Rainbarrow herd at his 1000 acre arable farm, where it is not unusual to see the pigs on mounds of waste potatoes.

This new Stockbroker boar is an ugly chap, still in his adolescence, but has been brought into the herd to introduce new genetics and follow on after Coal Yeat Grand Duke, and serve the young Saddleback gilts.



Coal Yeat Rajah

New Junior Stock Boar for 2012/13

Saddleback Breed Champion 2012
Champion male rare breed pig at Westmorland County Show 2012

Lowpark Rajah is the new junior stock boar for 2012/13 bought in 2012 to serve the Coal Yeat saddleback gilts. In his first show under Coal Yeat colours, Westmorland County Show, he was awarded the Saddleback breed champion, and the Champion male rare breed pig, therefore being the first Saddleback pig to qualify for the Saddleback clubs 'Champion of Champions'. His first litters, which were born in January 2013, are averaging 14 piglets! He is growing into a fine long pig with an excellent underline, very good feet, yet an amiable temperament. He will be shown in 2013.




new boar pic one



















stock boar

lots of pigletslots and lots of piglets

Prescombe Guardsman 4th

New for 2010 the British Saddleback stock boar......Guardsman

Guardsman was breed champion at Cheshire County Show 2010, and placed second to Coal Yeat Grand Duke 238D at Westmorland County Show 2010

This January 2009 Saddleback boar has been used extensively by Ken and Kevin Mathews over in N. Yorkshire. He was only available because he had served so many Saddleback pigs during his short life so Ken needed another young boar to follow in Guardsman's footsteps.
Guardsman apparently worked to order in the Lowpark herd and as Ken put it "He just walks out of his pen, serves the Saddleback sow or gilt then saunters off back to the pen, job done!"
I was over in N. Yorkshire collecting 4 Lowpark Grand Duchess Saddleback gilts served by Guardsman, to enlarge my female genetic and Saddleback family pool, so this was an opportunity too good to miss.
Unfortunately the old stulwart Saddleback boar Lowpark Golden Arrow had just dropped dead overnight (heart attack) so I was in need of a guaranteed working pedigree British Saddleback boar. This was a sad loss of an old friend who will remain in my mind forever as he escaped at Great Eccleston show last year and spent an hour in the beer tent!  He had a good run out at several shows last season and was just coming back into condition after spending the winter outside with the dry Saddleback sows.
What of Jack? Unfortunately he went to the sausage factory after being given every opportunity to serve gilts and sows - but to no avail - such is life in the Coal Yeat Herd. The Guardsman Saddleback boar line will perfectly compliment all the pedigree British Saddleback females left by Lowpark Golden Arrow. This Guardsman line of male Saddleback pigs has not been used in the Coal Yeat Herd for over a decade - new blood for the new decade.

Maddaford Prefect 3 RAP/257D

This mature boar was purchased from James Sage of the Blewett Herd. Previously a winner at the Three Counties Show, and sire of the Blewett Prefect the AI boar. This Prefect boar is being used in 2010 as the main sire of all the mature Saddleback sows, and is currently running outside with a harem of twelve.

Junior Stock Boar 2010

Pantysgawan Prefect 7

TAB 125 DOB 6-8-2009

Sire Coal Yeat Prefect 259C dame Pantysgawan Dinah 9

This young boar was purchased in spring 2010 for use on all the pedigree British Saddleback gilts. He has been working hard outside in the fields being in continual use, and is now running with 14 gilts. His work load means he is only 'half the pig' of his full brother who won "pig of the year"at the Great Yorkshire Show 2010. This is the second year in succession that Will and Amanda of the Pantysgawan herd of Saddleback pigs have won this prestigious national prize. On both occasions both pigs the gilt 2009, and the boar in 2010 were sired by Coal Yeat Prefect 259C This Prefects young stock already on the ground is looking very promising.

Lowpak Rajah has left many registered British Saddleback gilts in the Coal Yeat herd which are being served by Pantysgawan Prefect 7 (TAB 125)

pic of new boar 2


Lowpark Rajah

Stock boar for 2008 - 2009

Lowpark Rajah Lowpark Rajah was male champion and reserve overall champion at the Great Yorkshire Show 2008. Bred and shown by Kevin and Ken Mathews this outstanding boar is totally un-related to any male lines in the Coal Yeat Herd and will introduce new blood. He is already at work with two gilts with his first offspring due in January 09. The sows all have their eyes on him. A very wet August has made a lovely mud patch.

September 09

Due to his extensive use during 08-09 this boar has now been sold to Saddleback local breeder Tom Slater. 82 year old Tom has been a staunch supporter of pedigree Saddleback pigs for many decades using only the Babble female line. The most recent litters born in September 09 sired by Rajah have numbered 47 live piglets from 4 sows, with more due soon.





piglets in a pilemom and new piglets


even more piglets