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In pig sows to local buyers

4 boars to Rutland, Lancashire,

Hampshire and Wales.

A trailor load of breeding pigs, gilts

and an unrelated boar to Willow Open farm.

Near London

2 in pig sows and a boar to the Blue Pig Company.

Gilts to N.Wales, Rutland, Yorkshire, Scotland and Cumbria.


Pedigree Saddleback stock for sale

Saddleback pigs for sale....JUNE 2017


Prefect boar and Jan gilts

My 2017 January born show team consisting of

3x Rosette gilts

gilts for sale

1x Prefect boar

Prefect saddleback boar

These can be seen at the following shows:

Stafford, 31st May & 1st June
Royal Cheshire Show
Great Yorkshire Show
Great Eccleston Show

Can be collected from any of the above shows if convenient


Saddleback pigs for sale....SPRING 2017


3x sows, run with pedigree boar, Rosettes
4x July 2016 gilts. clear of the boar, Rose and Rosettes
3x Jan 2016 gilts run with the boar, Rose and Rosettes

1x July 2016 boar, ready to work, Prefect
1x March 2016 boar has worked, Golden Arrow
1x July 2015 boar has worked, Prefect
1x July 2014 stock boar, Prefect

All the above have been shown at county shows in 2016 and won many classes and qualified for Pig of the Year, Junior pig of the year and Saddleback breeding female championship. These are exceptional pigs which would not usually be offered for sale but are available due to the imminent sale of my farm buildings.

2017 born from the above.

Registered boars and gilts which will win classes at county shows x10

Missmarked pigs for fattening x30


2x sows Anna and Precious
4x September 2016 gilts,Anna
3x September 2016 boars Golden Eagle
2x July 2016 boars Southern Style

All above are very good types and of show quality

For more information call John on 07887 731552



The Coal Yeat prizewinning female line ROSETTE is a prolific dam line. Great milky mothers these Rosettes will easily farrow at 12 months of age and raise 10 piglets. As sows they are even more prolific with the largest litter recorded being 19 although 14 is a better average.

Coal Yeat Rosette 203G ready to farrow july 2016

These Saddleback females are great indoor or outdoor pigs, thriving in both environments. They have a kind biddable nature and are ideally suited to the smallholder or small scale pig keeper. This Rosette female family has proved over the last couple of decades to be a very consistent quality prolific breeding line.

3 Rosette gilts April 2016

Two high speed January 2016 Rosette gilts Stafford County show

Equally these Rosettes are great with children and January or July born gilts are perfect for encouraging young handlers into the show ring. My youngest grandson Stanley has, with help, shown Rosettes at county shows as well as spending time training them in the farmyard. 


In 2016 Rosettes have been sold to pigkeepers in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Sussex, Northern Ireland and Scotland, Coal Yeat Prefect out of a Rosette sow was sold to Deerpark Ai.

Coal Yeat Rosette winning the January gilt class Gt Yorks Show 2016Imogen brings a July Rosette gilt back to the pens Stafford County show 2016Imogen showing Coal Yeat Rosette Royal Cheshire Show 2016

The Coal Yeat Rosette gilts both born in July 2015 and January 2016 have been unbeaten in Saddleback classes at county shows in 2016.


I specialise in set ups for pig farmers or small holders having several unrelated boar and female lines, advise is given before, during and after purchase and I am always available on my mobile to give the benefit of my experience. The two pigs below were both breed champions in their time, the sow on the left is Coal Yeat Babble 555 and the sow on the right is Coal Yeat Rossette 160A. Photographed in August 2008.

BOAR_1 sow

Buy with confidence from an established breeder call John on 07887731552


1.  A Saddleback weaner, is a piglet which has just been weaned from sucking the sow, usually 6-8 weeks old (in my opinion NOT a good time to buy a pig as it is very stressful leaving the Saddleback sow with the changes this implies).
2.  A Saddleback Grower, is a strong little blighter that has got over weaning and has established a strong gut flora to manage the creep feed, usually10-14 weeks of age.(This is a good time to buy pigs that should happily live outside during the spring, summer, or autumn). Pedigree British Saddleback growers, registered with the BPA will cost £150-£250, depending on the quality. Pure Bred British Saddleback's, which are not deemed by the breeder to be fit for individual registration, will cost approx £60 to go on to be pork or bacon pigs. These will include mis-marked pigs which may be solid black.
3. A young Saddleback gilt should be an individually registered pig of 4-6 months or even older (possibly up to 12 months old) which has not had the opportunity of the pleasure of the boar. The breeder has decided that these display all the correct British Saddleback traits, have an even underline of a minimum of 12 teats,have a nice set of feet supporting strong elegant female legs,with ears that are lopped not at all pricked. Ideally this Saddleback gilt should be from a litter of 8 or more to carry forward the females fecundity. Saddleback gilts of this age will cost between £250-£300.
4.  A young British Saddleback boar will be as the gilt above but with a fine set of balls and display masculine characteristics.This young boar will usually be untried and not served any gilts.When buying a young boar it is essential to ensure that it has not been kept in isolation away from other pigs. Why, because young boars when first introduced to gilts can become over excited,or if introduced to larger sows can be put off for life by the savagery of the sow. Quality young Saddleback boars will cost between £250-£500 .
5.  A British Saddleback Gilt which has been running with a Saddleback boar,which may have been seen to be served by a pedigree Saddleback boar, BUT CANNOT BE GUARANTEED IN PIG, usually 10-15 months old,will usually cost approx £350-£400.
6. A British Saddleback gilt ,served and showing a lot of bag perhaps 3-4 weeks off farrowing, THEREFORE GUARANTEED IN PIG, will cost £500-£650, as will a pedigree Saddleback sow of proven breeding .
7. A working Saddleback boar which has offspring on the ground is sometimes available and worth his weight in gold.Good breeding British Saddleback Boars are hard to come by and I was fortunate to pick one up from the BPA sale that covered 12 gilts for me. Boars of this ilk range from the killing price of £250-£550 and can go on working until 7or 8 years old if not allowed to get too fat and heavy.
By buying registered British Saddleback pigs from an established breeder you will be sure to obtain pigs of proven quality. Only registered British Saddleback pigs will ensure the continuity and improvement of this most magnificent of pigs. Saddleback's are well known as great mothers, regular breeders, providing the tastiest pork and bacon. They thrive in such a variety of conditions from free range to semi intensive. This last winter, the coldest for several decades, the dry sows and the boar lived outside in their 4 acre field with pig arks for shelter.
Some questions you might ask when buying Saddleback pigs????????
Are the pigs registered with the BPA?
Are the pigs wormed?
Have the pigs been injected with any immunizations?
What are the pigs eating? Will you sell me some food to help them get over the move?
How old are the pigs when were they weaned?
How long have they run with the boar? Is he registered?
Have the pigs run outside?
Do the pigs know what an electric fence is?
Can you show me other pigs that are not for sale perhaps the dam and sire?
How long will i have to keep them before killing them?
What do I need to move the pigs? (A good breeder should have the licence's needed to move the pigs)
Do I need to bring my holding number?
What sort of payment will you accept?
Will the pigs fit in a box on the back seat of my car?
Please think of your own questions as the more you ask the more you will know and usually keepers of British Saddleback pigs are more than happy to share their knowledge. I AM!


The answers to my questions can all be found on the Questions and Answers page


Feed time in July

running pigs

pigs outside