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We now offer pig keeping courses, along with Carole Barr combining 35 years of pig keeping experience . Come and join us for a fun day with the pigs, in the Lake District National Park.

Please check out the 'news' section which keeps you up to date with the comings and goings of the Coal Yeat Rare Breed British Saddleback Herd, shows, national events and so much more.

Its not a diary or a blog but perhaps relevant information, my successes and failures and how I keep the Saddleback pigs here in Lowick.

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Coal Yeat Pedigree Rare Breed Saddleback pigs

The British Saddleback pig has been selected after a number of years evaluation against other rare breeds, as it is the most productive and docile, easily managed and profitable of the British rare breeds.

Currently there are approximately 250 Saddleback pigs of all ages on the farm. All finished Saddleback pigs are sold exclusively to Butchers. Pedigree British Saddleback pigs are exported to Northern Ireland, USA, Germany, Nepal and Bhutan and sold all over the United Kingdom. The Saddleback pigs are shown at Newark and Notts, Cheshire County, Gt Eccleston and Westmorland County shows. At Newark and Notts we were awarded the Saddleback Champion on the field with Coal Yeat Babble, a July 2005 Gilt. At Gt Eccleston we won reserve female and overall reserve champion Rare Breed at Westmorland County Show with Coal Yeat Babble 555. In 2009 my January Saddleback gilt won her class at the Great Yorkshire Show, with 25 pigs forward.

More recently, in 2011, we won the 'Saddleback Champion of Champions' and 'Saddleback pig of the year' with our senior stock boar Coal Yeat Grand Duke 238E, who was also overall champion pig at Cheshire County Show. Also in 2011 my January born gilt, Coal Yeat Rosette, was Saddleback breed champion at Hatfield and Westmorland County show, becoming overall Champion pig at Westmorland. In 2012 our new junior stock boar Lowpark Rajah was awarded the Saddleback breed championship. Coal Yeat Rosette was later sold privately for a female breed record price.

Showing is fun and a good market place for the Saddleback breed and myself as a breeder. But the prime objective of this British Saddleback pig breeding program is to produce the tastiest pork for the butcher to sell and select only the best British Saddleback pigs for pedigree breeding, helping to ensure the future of this unique rare breed.

All the Rare Breed British Saddleback pigs are bred from pedigree stock. I breed over 400 Saddleback piglets each year but pedigree individually and register approx 20 British Saddleback gilts and 10 British Saddleback boars. The selection criteria is very strict with the rest going to the local butchers as prime tasty pork.


imogen loves her pig harry with his pig
 Imogen and Harry in action!

Young Handlers - The future!

Imogen (9) and Harry (12) my grandchildren, will be showing again in the young handlers classes. Both won red rosettes in previous years when new to the show ring, so have a lot to live up to. We have already chosen two British Saddleback "tiddlers" to train up for the 2013 show season, and Imogen has already started talking to her pig! This year we are going to have to step up training as the competition among young handlers is so keen!

How have they got on this summer show season all is revealed on our news page

In 2012 Imogen became the national under 8 BPA Young Handler Champion. Harry was awarded the Saddleback club young person of the year for his contribution to the breed of Saddleback pigs during 2012.

Pig Keeping Courses
Want to know whats involved in keeping pigs? Together with Carole Barr, who keeps lops and Hampshire pigs we are running pig keeping courses. The pig keeping courses will give you confidence to keeping pigs, and pleasurable pig keeping for the years ahead. Visit our sister website www.pigkeepingcourses.co.uk


Saddleback pigs for sale
A black pig with a white saddle and white front legs these Saddleback pigs are rare breed pigs. Saddleback pigs are great 'doers' and can live outside all year round. Pedigree pigs are usually available all year round.

Rare Breed Pigs.
Saddleback pigs are a British rare breed pig which has been exported to many foreign countries. However due to their numbers Saddleback pigs remain a rare breed pig.

British Saddleback Pigs
This is an amalgamation of the Essex and Wessex strains to produce the British Saddleback Pig. The British Saddleback Pig has therefore only be so named for several decades.

Rare Breed Saddleback pigs
Although today the rare breed Saddleback pig is more numerous than for a few decades it still remains the rare breed Saddleback pig.

Rare Breed British Saddleback Pigs
The very rare Essex and more numerous Wessex have combined to ensure the survival of the Rare Breed Saddleback Pigs. Rare Breed Saddleback pigs are very tasty to eat either as pork or cured bacon and hams.

Rare Breed British Pigs
Britain has lost several Rare British Breeds Pigs which includes the Cumberland pig during the 20th century. However several still remain and the viability of Rare Breed British Pigs remains buoyant today.

Pigs....The butchers
Our four legged friends with curly tails, pigs provide some of the worlds cheapest meat but these rare breed pigs provide the worlds tastiest pork. Pigs also provide the hair for some of the best paint brushes for artists to use. Pigs, especially the British Saddleback pigs are also our friends being very biddable and responsive to human touch and affection.